I'd say I never bought you flowers

I can't work out what they mean

last one
so it's been a majorly busy few days with 4 performances in 5 days and cuz of that, encik gave us mpac boys a surprised day off today hehehe. gonna be a good day ahead :)

last night i had one of the weirdest yet most revealin phone call ever. although i was pretty annoyed at the end, i couldn't resist textin good mornin today .__.

hmm. this is gonna be my last post here cuz really i think livejournal has run out of style. it's like wearin baggy jeans nowadays. but i don't know what's the 'in' thing nao.

anyway, i made a recordin of what we did on the last performance :)

winds of change
so it's been 3 weeks into my job as an instructor cum MPAC member and i gotta say, life's great. i mean, how many ppl can actually say they get to do what they love durin their NS. although whenever there are performances, a lot of time will be taken up but give and take, i wouldn't trade my job for any other. and because i'm allowed to book out everyday, there's so many things i can do for eg catchin movies/dinner with sims lady :) however i'ma stay in tmr since my colleague giandra the cock wana gym in camp.

and i had my first taste of phuture last friday but still, nothin beats zirca&rebel.

the twistin kaleidoscope moves us all in turn

hahaha it looks like as if outlasted everyone on the pipe

she came to my show just to hear about my pain
so yeah, i did get chosen into mpac! and this week has been a whole new one to me. i got posted out as instructor cum mpac member and spent the week in camp 'educatin' the new recruits and playin music. most of the time when there's no work to be done, it's fkin borin and thus........


it's almost 2am and i'm still up tryna figure out this new phone thing. sighhhh

today's the 20th, another ten days til my kitty comes back :/ anyway, i can't wait to play soccer against the instructors. hehehehe.

when you've got the face on
so i finally POP. time passed very slowly at first but as i got closer to my bunkmates, i actually miss recruit life, though not enough to actually repeat it. anyhow, as a way to celebrate us passin out, i spent the night with clarence and nicholas and some other people and, man did i get drunk. and again, i got phone-raped (a term i took from one of my victims/recipents) .

 okay that's all i remember.

saturday was wasted mostly sufferin the hangover though i still managed to play LAN for like 3 hours and only reached home at 1 after a late late supper and today was spent largely hostin a FIFA tournament at my place after a gym session in the mornin. barely had time to play my piano.

speakin of piano, i hope i get called into the MPAC - the military music club. they get to perform for ministers and commissioners and shit; how cool is that. i mean, i need as many shit as possible to impress the guys at NTU should they ask me for interview, given that my A's results' points add up to a mere 72.

AND DID I FORGET TO SAY LAST WEDNESDAY'S TALENT SHOW WAS AN EPIC SUCCESS?!?! i played my arrangement of I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing combined with We Are The Champions and had the crowd on its feet. although i won only 3rd place out of 11 acts, i'll never forget the adrenaline rush hearin everyone sing along. however, it was a bittersweet week as my A's results sucked eggs.

my little princess is overseas and i can't wait til she's back. but before that, there's a friend's bday party at phuture on wednesday. time to spend my newly-banked salary $.$ i feel like a billionaire. i hope there's no kidnappers readin this post and plannin to ambush me at phuture on wednesday.

 for now, i gotta go iron my uniform for tmr bookin in.

day n' night

i had a peaceful, subtle day out today. bought shoes and did pretty much mundane but much-missed stuff, walkin around town and chillin at coffee bean. and i've decided on what song to perform on wednesday! :D

and oh.
surprise, sleepin beauty ;)



a rocket to the moon

so i'm back from camp! life's been awesome, in and out of camp. in camp, it's pretty slacky besides the disipline part. my bunkmates are fkin awesome, esp durin OTOT. i'm gettin so used to the wakin up at 430am and sleepin at 10 that right now my eyelids are weighin down like 2 fat bitches sleepin on them.

honestly, the first few days weren't so awesome. in fact, they were fck but thanks to the company over the phone i got past that stage. however i still miss a lot of thingssssss. i miss the guy friends (non gay way) i haven't met and talk cock sessions under block. plus i haven't played soccer for like, 3 weeks? fckkkkkk. but i'ma play tmr mornin. hehehe.

and oh, today i was told that i'm chosen to perform piano for some talent show in camp on wednesday. i asked the corporal why so last minute, he said cuz he forgot. LOL. and now...... I STILL HAVEN'T CHOSEN WHAT SONG TO PLAY!!! never performed solo before, let alone to an all-male audience. and the fkin whole camp will be there. fck!

out of camp, things have been crazy too. had great fun last week at my friend's bbq party, although i failed to "head the ball into an open goal." hahahahahahahahaha. booked out today, had dinner with my parents (good boy?) and went off.

and since you said it FIRST,
i had a wonderful night too ;)

so yup, i'm enlistin tmr. honestly, i don't feel much except for excitment. idk what's awaitin me in there, and that makes today such an unsettlin day. i shaved my head and it looks terrible. like a fkin cancer patient.

and you.
i know i've hurt you so much with our fights, because you went to extreme extents to erase me - even further than what i did. no i'm not here to say sorry. i just wana let you know i'm still readin your blog everyday and would love to hear your voice. for shit's sake i never turned off the auto sign in on skype. i hope you still keep that cd i made for you.
on another note, i'm enlistin tmr and have already shaved today. don't worry i still look as smart as when i was smiting you so smoothly. was thinkin of callin you tonight, but i know you're workin. and deep down i really hope you don't have a valentines date, cuz i'll be dateless in camp and will get jearouzz. i recently watched 'the rebound.' you really should watch it too, then tell me who it reminds you of ;)
hope you're doin well crazy bitch!

watched 'the rebound' today;
a movie i really shouldn't have watched.

last night's party was crazy awesome. i wish we had a camera.
plus, met so many friends there!
couldn't have asked for a better sendin off gift before enlistment ;)


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