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I'd say I never bought you flowers

I can't work out what they mean

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when you've got the face on
so i finally POP. time passed very slowly at first but as i got closer to my bunkmates, i actually miss recruit life, though not enough to actually repeat it. anyhow, as a way to celebrate us passin out, i spent the night with clarence and nicholas and some other people and, man did i get drunk. and again, i got phone-raped (a term i took from one of my victims/recipents) .

 okay that's all i remember.

saturday was wasted mostly sufferin the hangover though i still managed to play LAN for like 3 hours and only reached home at 1 after a late late supper and today was spent largely hostin a FIFA tournament at my place after a gym session in the mornin. barely had time to play my piano.

speakin of piano, i hope i get called into the MPAC - the military music club. they get to perform for ministers and commissioners and shit; how cool is that. i mean, i need as many shit as possible to impress the guys at NTU should they ask me for interview, given that my A's results' points add up to a mere 72.

AND DID I FORGET TO SAY LAST WEDNESDAY'S TALENT SHOW WAS AN EPIC SUCCESS?!?! i played my arrangement of I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing combined with We Are The Champions and had the crowd on its feet. although i won only 3rd place out of 11 acts, i'll never forget the adrenaline rush hearin everyone sing along. however, it was a bittersweet week as my A's results sucked eggs.

my little princess is overseas and i can't wait til she's back. but before that, there's a friend's bday party at phuture on wednesday. time to spend my newly-banked salary $.$ i feel like a billionaire. i hope there's no kidnappers readin this post and plannin to ambush me at phuture on wednesday.

 for now, i gotta go iron my uniform for tmr bookin in.