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I'd say I never bought you flowers

I can't work out what they mean

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last one
so it's been a majorly busy few days with 4 performances in 5 days and cuz of that, encik gave us mpac boys a surprised day off today hehehe. gonna be a good day ahead :)

last night i had one of the weirdest yet most revealin phone call ever. although i was pretty annoyed at the end, i couldn't resist textin good mornin today .__.

hmm. this is gonna be my last post here cuz really i think livejournal has run out of style. it's like wearin baggy jeans nowadays. but i don't know what's the 'in' thing nao.

anyway, i made a recordin of what we did on the last performance :)

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who's behind all that? singing and music.

my band! at some performance

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